Faye’s Fitness Retreats – shedding a stone in anxiety

faye's fitness picI’ve had a tough 12 months and my anxiety has been so bad I’ve ended up in hospital for one night last month, writes Hopezine editor Erica Crompton…

“When I heard from the PR from Faye’s Fitness in Wirral my ears pricked up. We all know that exercise is good for your mental health but what really appealed to me was an hour cycle along the Wirral combined with some personal instruction on nutrition and aerobic workout.

I signed up there and then.

A few emails and a week or so later, Faye was collecting me from a train station on the outskirts of Liverpool in her snazzy white four-by-four to take me back to her immaculate and equally white gym, something she’s had built in her home.

Another drawcord to Faye’s half-day retreat was her proximity to Liverpool as I’ve always found the people there so friendly.

Faye didn’t disappoint. I was greeted with a smile and after introductions I’m in her gym which extends into a neat and verdant garden out the back.

A nutrition survey is done under Faye’s tutelage and I’m guided on supplements I can take to rid me of anxiety. Faye recommends the 21-day ‘Synergy Worldwide Microbiome Health’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8ooPrJ_B6Q supplements to restore gut health.. I didn’t sign up to this as I suspected I may neglect taking them with all the other medication I’m on. But it’s worth keeping in mind for the future.

We then start on exercise, first with 5 minutes rowing and followed by lunges and weights in the garden.

You could say this is just the wake-up call I need, as I am aching all over within 8 minutes. But Faye’s father who is onsite to help rushes to the rescue and brings out healthy refreshing drinks flavoured like Pina Colada. Yummm.

After a catch-up over drinks under the sun, Faye and her father start loading up their four-by-fours with three bikes and we’re soon off to the Wirral for a ride.

I haven’t ridden a bike since I can remember but pick it up just like, er, riding a bike – and we’re going! We cycle for a good hour under the sun stopping on the way to take selfies and instagrams to document the day.

This is my favourite part of the retreat and if the gym session previously had been my GP on the phone telling me to sort my physical health out, then the Wirral ride was the relieved friend calling who just passed her exams – what I mean is I shifted about a stone in anxiety over the course of the half day retreat (and about half a pound in actual body weight if you’re asking).

Faye is easy-going, and easy to talk to and her conversation is smattered with health tips which is refreshing yet informative. It feels like we’re old friends rather than strangers. You’ve got to hand it to her here as I’m an unfit, middle-aged schizo and the first journalist to review her retreat. I may not have done so well, so confidently when I was in my early twenties.

After the cycle, Faye drives me back to the station with a protein packed lunch of cous cous, kale and chicken which is delicious.

A day well-spent can make such a huge impact on our mental health and well-being and Faye’s Fitness Retreat did just that as well as opening the doors to perhaps spending more time on aerobic exercise to improve my anxieties.

And with two overseas holidays to look forward to next month, I may just look the part as well as being quite sane to boot.

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