Rockyie goes shopping

A scene from a play about a group of friends also known as The Madding Crowd, by scriptwriter NUTAN MODHA

Rockyie in a department store, which is a part of his ethereal conscientiousness of Gucci, Armani and the other one.  Wholly unaware, he inadvertently creates a worm whole with the revolving doors and is stuck in stasis and he may well be dreaming.

Act II.I

Our hero, fashionista Rockyie

 [fantasia reel can flash for snippets and Frodo waking up]


The Department Store

The decadent exterior of the building

[The department store has 50 floors – It’s canary wharf style industrial old polish war museum in the 40s/50s – has great style. Selfridges.   The most enormous department store in Europe]

[The store front is into infinity]


At the Channel Counter

(Rockyie saunters over to the Chanel counter, looking preened, perfect and must be gay look.  He is camp.)

Rockyie:  Hello sweetie, I’ve heard about this superb store, it so… (lingers for a timed couple of seconds) (enunciated gravitas) …Soooo Gorgeous. 

Shop Assistant: (cockney) Yeah it’s a bit of aright in it

Rockyie: (horrified) I beg your pardon ?

[Shop assistant restarts and begins again with a breath spray sewage green]

Shop Assistant: (apologises, whilst looking like Nicki Manji) (accents turns royal blue) I’m sorry, I had to clear my throat muscles I’m an Opera Singer.  Yes this store is quite magnificent.

[Very heavy make up, pillar box smile and how can I help you look – head tilts]

Rockyie: (fashionista) Yes, I’ve come to sample the new edition of Catastrophe by Chanel.  It’s not on display of course. 

[they fashionista squeal and gurgle not a pig to be heard]


The Opening of the Box

The characters linger in moments over such a special occasion.

[pig sound and a box of Catastrophe is swaggered to the glass tables. A drunk cat walk.  Meow sound]

[There is a walking escalator that the shop assistant stands on for approaching Rockyie]

[All that is heard is the escalator and then a button to pause it to a halt]

[Lots of mirrors, also on walls and gold leaf wall papering with marble tops ceilings into an the Sistine chapel replica]

[an interior design swatch forms like gridwork, forming swabs onto an a4 paper with paperclips]

[it is decadent]

Rockyie; I’m so thrilled, I can wait to see the bottle., I’ve heard that it’s been an early launch for those in the know.  I’ve been hearing about it on Vogue Zine.  It’s all the rage.

Shop Assistant: ( agreeing) Yes of course, as expected.  The launch is being showcased by George Clooney and Greta from Norway. (proud) (She box unfolds the box, which takes one full minute) (inside is a bottle shaped like a jam jar the colour has opacity and is white) (she then looks to Rockyie)

Rockyie: (quizzically) Is this the bottle (hes asks)?  (the assistant turns the bottle if upside down and luminous flakes start cascading)

Rockyie: (awestruck) Marvellous.  It’s a mirco planetarium of… (His phone rings. It’s only an alarm. And there’s no one on the other side)

Rockyie: (pretending to talk to an editor)

Shop assistant: (struck dumb with fame)

Rockyie: (officious) Can you give me the sample and a box bag.  My editor, she says she wants to review it.

Shop Assistant: (inquisitive) (Low voice to husky) (Accent has changed, to broad up-north) Which Magazine are you from? The name.

Rockyie: (moving away from the counter with bag and talking rapidly on the phone) Oh Harper’s …

Shop Assistant: (even more dumbstruck) (jaw-drops and a few birds fly out)

Rockyie: (always unperturbed walks away nattering on the phone) (no one in the store has noticed his tail – it’s very faded and IT is swaggering)

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