Guest Post by The Last Skeptik

Memories of the Rave

By The Last Skeptik

I love performing anywhere in California. The vibe of being in the sunshine, playing music in LA – the city which birthed so many of my favourite records is a mad concept, and there is no better feeling. Everything feels like you’re in a movie. Even just the act of waking up and stepping out your door in California inevitably ends up in the maddest adventure and driving up to play Coachella was especially nuts. The festival itself I’d been hyped to go to for years and the line-up was crazy. After playing the festival itself I was asked to do a DJ set at the Soho House after party. Every other DJ on the bill was playing really, really dead house music and so standardly I made the assessment: I’m in California by a pool, that’s by a lake, with unlimited free BBQ – I’m playing exclusively all West Coast rap. It turned in to a party real quick – so many cocktails and Katy Perry dancing in front of my DJ booth. There’s a ton of next level memories of raves and parties that I’ve reminisced on especially in the past year, but I’ve been trying to instead stop focussing on what I’ve experienced as solely a thing that lives in the past – but that new, different and better memories are about to come once we all escape this pandemic impasse. Especially as looking back at a lot of these memories I seriously question why no one around me told me the trash sense of style I had. Shocking. I’ve learnt since then to go with black t shirts and black jeans forever to protect your future integrity.

The Last Skeptik’s track, Memories of the Rave,  is available to download at

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