Identity lost, a poem by Jim Leftwich

By Jim Leftwich, CEO

Clasping at air

All thought in celestial space

My thoughts I do not own

All originality is banal

It makes no difference

Locked inside or put upon the page

Puncturing the rind of the mind

Thoughts flow in

But others are sucked out I stand alone

Solidarity is a paltry promise

The devils of the mind command isolation

The neon emotions of dysfunction I hold and abate but It does not dull the suffering

The diaspora of feigning a sound mind

Has led me full circle

The tribe I abandoned will perhaps take me back

Finally I am posed to pull the switch The one that governs dread and anticipation

Can lead to balance of peace of mind

The quest for openness

The desire for the porous borders of free thought

Smile on my progress and ensure the fight continues

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