Quail birds at Edo restaurant

By Erica Crompton

Edo restaurant, Belfast

“Is this the Quail or the egg?”

It’s only after sampling the vast array of local Belfast beers and whiskeys that I ask this, but the friendly staff take it in their stride:

“It’s the bird,” offers the understanding waitress all pristine black shirt, matching apron and compassionate smile.

EDŌ, prounouned “aye-doh” is Latin for “I eat” and this busy canteen-style restaurant offers tapas as well as more traditional main-meal and starter dining. Here you’ll get a relaxed experience where you can enjoy the tastes from Head chef and owner Jonny Elliot who’s worked for everyone from Gordon Ramsay to Gary Rhodes.

It’s just 3 minutes’ walk from the Belfast City Hall.

Paul and I visited this month and managed to master the doorway (there’s a small step to get over) here fine with the wheelchair. Sitting could have been more spaced, especially for accessing the bathroom, but the closeness of it all added to a cosy feel.

We tried 6 different dishes, 3 each, which was more than enough. A highlight was the black pudding and chorizo, chased down with an Espresso Martini. There are vegetarian options, too, if that suits you better. Personally speaking, I enjoyed the richness of the meats here.

And the taste of the Quail made up for my embarrassing culinary question, too.

Visit Edo restaurant at Unit 2, 3, CAPITAL HOUSE, Upper Queen St, Belfast BT1 or call 028 9031 3054 to book. https://www.edorestaurant.co.uk

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