A poem about relocating to Scotland from Spain

By Laura Menéndez

In the busy morning of a train 

I have found 


-I was missing-

The quiet was daunting, 

almost oppresing. 

A monotonous fog

had taken over. 

I had nowhere left to go. 

In the silence and the quiet, 

the stillness of one room, 

in the perpetrating 


the darkness 

was hard to avoid. 

Dense particles of inconformism, 

of tiredness, 

loss of hope,

had invaded the corners of my house,

of my head

and my soul. 

After navigating

the dark corners of the world, 

of my world, 

I arrived,

in peace, 

and found stillness,

in having visited

the dark.

A glow of sunshine, 

a rainbow in the rain. 

A trip to the darkness, 

a reflection on the sadness

that lives within me,

and may always stay.

A moment to appreciate,

that whatever happens,

brings me here, 

to myself, 


that even demons, 

my demons,

deserve kindness,


I left the train,



return to the surface.

The grey

though bittersweet,

left me 




I had stared at the window

while navigating

the darkness

in the sky

in my soul. 

I had come back 



with a hunger for life,

nowhere to be found before.

For the life that shines

that fades

that always comes back around;

be brave,

be kind,

whats inside of you

is yours.

And even your sadness,

deserves moments

of light.

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