Erica Crompton’s wild ponies on Dartmoor

Foaling around by Erica Crompton

On a recent trip to Devon my boyfriend Paul drove us to Dartmoor to
see if we could spot some of the wild ponies. We were in luck! Here’s a
picture of the most gorgeous wild ponies and their foals that we
discovered there. Whether it’s my own cats or wild ponies, I find animals
incredibly soothing because there is something very innocent about them.
These ponies were blissfully grazing on the moors and the foals looked
very cute as they curled up on the grass and napped. Sometimes when I
go on a walk or a drive I’ll stop to say hello to ponies or horses and even
take a picture. I find looking at them fills me with love, calm and happiness.

– by Erica Crompton

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