Finance Services Manager Dawn Doyle finds her sense of calm

A calm shore

This is the image of where I go to ensure I am soothed. The noise of the
birds, especially seagulls, the crashing of the sea/waves, the smell of the
seaside, walking on the beach, the breeze in my hair all soothe my mind
within minutes. When I was a little girl, each weekend was spent in the
family camper van with mum and dad by the sea and as such it became a
place of safety and no worries or stress. As my life has gone on, I always
return to there to ease my troubled mind or to regroup, just focusing on
the sounds and smells is so relaxing, it has the same effect as a day in the
spa! Current times are now repeating the past. My children spend many
playful hours at the beach, and often ask to go and visit for quiet/happy
times as they find it so relaxing. In fact, so relaxing this is now the view
four minutes from my home where we have recently moved as we all
appreciate it so much.
Dawn Doyle, Finance Services Manager for SimplyBiz

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