Georgina Parry’s blossoms

Blooming lovely: Cannock Chase

As a child, I lost somebody in
my family to suicide. This took a
toll on me, and I lost myself to
the overbearing thoughts, I lost
all hope. I’ve survived multiple
experiences, and this has given me
time to find a place, in which helps
soothe me. I struggle sometimes,
so routine is important to me
and helps to keep me on my toes,
one routine I must do is to go to
my happy place. Cannock Chase
is a well-known district in the
Staffordshire area, I go here nearly
every day with somebody else just
to take a minute to myself, it allows
me to feel peace even when my
days are chaotic. I challenge you to
go somewhere with your favourite
person, and to make this place full
of happy memories so you can
come back here and remember you
have someone, something, to keep
you going.
Georgina Parry

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