Hopezine winter 2022 out now!

Welcome, winter Hopezine, 2022! As the nights draw in, we offer you some different thoughts on medications for mental illness. I’ve included a few different perspectives for you to decide for yourself though there’s no shame or judgement whichever course you decide to take. Your mind, your choice.

For the cover you’ll see our Accessibility Consultant Paul Nicholls, taken at The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry and remastered by artist and mental health campaigner, Mud. We hope it’ll make you think about disability and what that can mean to different people. For inspiration, we’ve been on the beat in Coventry and York to see how accessible these cities are and also how good the food is! The highlights for my own mental wellbeing are the York Minster and Castle Howard, both for scale and history – really helps put little things in perspective.

We hope you enjoy this issue with a cup of hot chocolate on a cool winter’s night.

Erica x


Editor: Erica Crompton


Accessibility consultant: Paul Nicholls

Cover image: Mud

Contributors: Mud, John Apples

Special thanks: Nathan Filer, Matthew Timmins, Laura Edwards at Fintel and all staff at SimplyBiz, Visit Coventry, and Visit York

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