Feel the magic at The Cauldron pub in Brighton

If we were eating a lot of food for this special happy issue of Hopezine, we couldn’t do so without a good watering too. So, we drank all the liquid at The Cauldron, a magical-themed pub set in Clarence Gardens in Brighton. We took an aperitif outside first and then headed into the warm interior, discovering it’s all fantasy-inspired cocktail bar and pub with where you can use working magic wands to mix drinks, pour pints and brew molecular cocktails! We opted for the ‘Potion Making’ session which lasted an hour and 45 minutes or until our legs gave way. This included a magic wand which helped us pour a couple of welcome drinks, and a magical brewing cauldron where we conjured up two molecular cocktails complete with ‘snowman saliva’! There are non-alcoholic options for children and families, too. And plenty of help from friendly staff which us two bozos needed in order to make our magical cocktails just so. It’s possibly the most fun we’ve ever had turning into wizards for the night, and drunken ones at that! It costs £32.99 for one adult. thecauldron.io/brighton – Paul Nicholls

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