Hopezine Editor Erica Crompton’s new medical memoir – out now!


The Mind Surfer is journalist Erica Crompton’s memoir, a collection of first-person prose and journalism that details exactly what psychosis is and how she learned to manage it in her late teens to mid-thirties. This book is aimed at all people, young or old, whose lives have been touched by psychosis: themselves, their loved ones and their caregivers.


This is no misery memoir but a passionate and hopeful account of living with psychosis, with lots of wisdom and self-help advice along the way.” – Alastair Campbell

Erica shares her mental health journey with such rawness and wisdom. I could relate to so much of it, and I know many others will too. Her writing is extremely powerful. Erica’s words will no doubt touch everyone who reads her story.” – Jonny Benjamin MBE

Bursting with hope and packed full of sage advice.” – David O’Coy, Editor, Fused Magazine.

Available now from www.victorinapress.com

Fintel are proud sponsors of Hopezine!

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