Hopezine Editor’s ‘happy book’

Once upon a time I thought I was clinically depressed as I slept so much (a side effect of my antipsychotic medication) and spent a whole lot of time in bed feeling sorry for myself. I mentioned this to my care co-ordinator and she booked me onto a course of Compassion Focused Therapy, a talking therapy that teaches us to be kinder to ourselves. As part of this course I learnt to keep a ‘happy book’ to help improve my low mood. My happy book comprises all the things that have made me smile – handwritten text messages, emails, birthday cards, pressed flowers – you name it, if it makes me smile I put it in. I use an A4 folder and try to review it every month, adding as I go. Whenever I feel low now I will reach for my happy book and read it from cover to cover – and it makes me feel great! I recommend everybody keeps their own happy book to bring a smile when it’s needed most! – EC

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