‘Swallowing clouds’ at Moshimo sushi bar

I’ve said it earlier on in this issue and I’ll say it again – food improves my mood and can help make me feel happy! Comfort food especially can help sooth anxious and gurgling stomachs. For this special happy edition of Hopezine I ordered my favourite comfort food at Moshimo restaurant in Brighton – dumplings! I ate pork and beef dumplings and washed them back with some heavenly plum wine.

I love dumplings so much I once read a book dedicated to them! Here are some fun dumplings facts I can remember: in Cantonese ‘wonton’ means ‘swallowing clouds’ and the shape of Italian tortellini is thought to be inspired by the Pope’s daughter’s navel! My Brightonian dumplings were carefully parcelled and fried and I shared a whole two plates for a starter with Paul!

Visit Moshimo at Bartholomew Square. Brighton. BN1 1JS www.moshimo.co.uk – EC

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