Finding Love Over Wealth, Liam Phelan EP Review

The fabulous new EP from rising star, Liam Phelan

By Divya Modha

The fluid undertones of the first few bars had me captivated. It’s make or break, I know then if I should listen or skip to the next tune. An impressive intro makes me believe, and feel like a hip-hop head produced and wrote this EP with friends in distress on his mind. I’m hooked and intrigued. I listen in and turn it up. The waving loopy beats remind me of Pharrell Williams in his N.E.R.D. days as well as OutKast’s influential rhythm and melodious overlapping and not forgetting their unique and crazy beats. The musical influences are clear and distinct. I feel that the artists influences are from the 80’s and 90’s as well as some forms of mixing I’ve not laid my ears on before.

I heard so many musical influences and styles whilst my ears buzzed with enjoyment.

Hopezine writer found it joyful listening to the new Liam Phelan EP.

The standout track for me was the final track and the reason is that it takes me into an abyss of thought somewhere where an individual can feel relaxed in their own space whilst allowing the trippy nature of the beats and melody to slowly ebb their way into your consciousness and into a stream of thought. Music influences my mood and music is life to me: here as a listener I’m urged to ‘turn on, tune in and cop out’.  If this EP was created to psyche the mass up with its musical mash up I feel it has the desired effect. The myriad of sounds and maze-like mixing of beats and samples is enough to keep any music lover entertained.  This gem of an EP demonstrates fluid musical ability as well as the appreciation of musical influences and at the same time the content remains completely original. Looking the album cover, I really liked the striking colours, the artwork is modern a self-portrait from the old school era. The blurred lines and their subtlety reminded me of 21st century and the vapid consciousness of the disenchanted youth. The musical flavours evoked on the very first listen are striking and almost had me thinking “is this real!?” I’m convinced that the artist has achieved his intentions with the wizardry of lyrics and beat making. I heard so many musical influences and styles whilst my ears buzzed with enjoyment. It’s a real com-podium of musical tastes. The overall experience was dippy trippy and terrific. I very much enjoyed a chilled evening with this quirky EP for company. It’s a comfort to hear from the far out sounds of cyber cosmos that makes-up artist Liam Phelan’s new EP.

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