The theatre’s magic

An imagination is sparked with the arts, a poem by Rachel Melinek

My sister imagination sparked as a child.

As we get up to leave a magic show, she asks the magician on stage whether he dwelt in a cave.

I was spellbound as a child by performance, I sometimes refused to move and asked for an encore.

Since childhood the theatre has been a thing, we alternate it with the fringe due to the expense.

We always loved any kind of act.

In every area of the West End right from the streets of Covent Garden to Shaftesbury Avenue.

In Covent Garden’s square my sister and I would watch the artists drum up trade.

We’d stand around while they’d warm up the clapping crowd.

Over the last few years, we’ve been greeted by empty stalls and streets.

Covent garden for a while no longer teaming with tourists.

Covent garden is starting to pick up again but what about the rest.

Countries like Germany have made the arts a priority with emergency funding.

Our government told artists to retrain with a test.

Hopefully Tracey Emin didn’t get chambermaid, maybe Boris got circus clown.

In all seriousness instead of retraining let’s keep what we have; Theatre is magical let’s save the arts.

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